Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Martedi Grasso

Last night the Big Ben had their Martedi Grasso party and it was just like New Orleans or San Paulo, well… not exactly.

Our trusty bartender (Isiah) came in his family colors!! Funny I’ve never seen him eat fish and chips.

Then we had a Cardinal (Francesco) and a cowboy (unknown!). I thought about it later and a cowboy is very “foreign” in these parts. Were there any famous Italian cowboys in the Old West?

Lucca as Giulio Cesare! Now that’s Italian!

But the winner is caveman (Alessandro). Who very late in the night showed us what they wore under their bearskins way back then!!! Wait that’s Minnie (Lucia) actually showing us if I review the photo.
Only half the people there were dressed up, which is strange because I don’t remember seeing ANYONE dressed up in the past except little kids. I’ve never been one to get dressed up but I did put on my orange cow hat that I bought at last year’s Carnevale.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos. I applaud your recycling efforts too.

Lori said...

Geez jeff. I was getting addicted to you writing everything. Now I'm in withdraws. Surely something interesting is going on.
Please write soo.