Monday, December 04, 2006

Local news

I need to stop reading the local newspaper. I only get more confused. I see what seems to be a good idea that is here in Italy and not in the US and then I read something that I don’t understand.
Case in point: the banks in Italy have this airlock that you have to go through to get in and out of the bank. Seems like a foolproof system. Who would rob a bank in broad daylight with a guard in a bulletproof room controlling the front door airlock? So Saturday I read this article where two “kids”, the article called them kids, went into a bank (around noon on Friday) and armed only with a knife they stole 15,000 euros. How do two kids armed with a knife rob a bank? They don’t have a guard? The article doesn’t say how they got out of the bank. I have to know how the system was so easily beaten. A few days before this robbery I read that a bank in Lecce was robbed of 300,000 euros. How did they do it? They came in through the bathroom window. The funny part about this, the article mentions in the very last sentence that the bank was robbed the same way 3 years ago, but the current management was not aware that this happened!


Lori said...

Those airlock systems are pretty scary. I know it freaked me out the first time I went through it. that is baffling how the kids got out. Maybe it was an inside job.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as brilliant as the bank robbers down here who escaped on a bicycle.