Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fastweb NEVER!!!

I have lost my patience. I WILL NEVER recommend Fastweb to ANYONE, EVER!! They may be good in other parts of Italy or the world but in Puglia they can all go to.... I signed up to have an ADSL line for my apartment 3 monthes ago. I knew I would need patience but now it's officially over. I'm a very patient person but they keep calling me asking if it works now and finally today they say they tried everything so my modem (that they sent me) is broken. So they say I should take it to the store and they will give me a new one. WHAT A _____ joke. I'm sorry but I've already been back to the store and they are simply a place that signs people up. They won't have a modem. So right now I'm out 45 euros as that was what I paid when the modem arrived in the mail. I know people have waited longer but I've never seen their technician. Everytime they call, they ask "What did the technician do?" and I repeat that I have never seen this mythical technician. He called me once and said be at home at 17:00 a couple a weeks ago. He never showed up. But someone else from Fastweb called later and said everything looks to be ok. I said "No, it's not!" I can do nothing except recommend that you stay far away from these idiots.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, I am sorry to hear about your situation. That would frustrate the hell out of me too.


Delina said...

Terrible service I agree. However from what I've heard and in my experience, all the ISP's here are as bad as each other. They're ok if everything goes to plan, but the smallest problem and they can't deal with it.
I tend to think that telecom is marginally the front runner as at least they will send a technician out on request - so I've heard.