Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice Time

The photo for this post is from 2005 when I went to Sardinia in August. I consider it my anti-Winter Solstice photo. I leave tomorrow on the first plane so some quick updates on how I’m leaving things here and where I'll pick up in 2007:

Fastweb is even deeper on my sh*t list. They say I need to go to the store in Monopoli to exchange the broken modem for one that works. Monopoli is a smaller town than Brindisi and about an hour away. I HAVE TO DO this because the modem THEY SENT ME doesn’t work. Plus, I’m still not convinced that this will solve the problem. In the meantime they are sending me more than 4 SMS text messages everyday telling me to activate the line. I can’t! It doesn’t work. In 2007 I may get an ADSL line. Stay tuned!

My soccer team at work is in the finals. We won our semifinal game rather easily but the real test will be the finals. We should have played the game this week but there have been issues with the other semifinal game. It seems the second place team has disbanded so the teams in the other semifinal have changed (3 vs 5 instead of 2 vs 3). In 2007 we will play the Title match, finally.

The gifts are all done and I feel really good about them. Never has so many of my gifts been related to charities. Now if they all make it to the US with me! Unfortunately I still don’t have my suitcase situation figured out completely. I want to travel as light as possible but I know I’ll need warm clothes in the States!

Also today and tomorrow (depends on where you are) marks the Winter Solstice, like I mentioned above. I love this because it’s the longest night of the year. From now on the days start getting longer! Yes, it is technically the start of winter but since there’s no snow here I look forward to it staying light out longer.

It’s funny because I’m very happy right now and it shows. I think I’m happiest when I’m within a week of being back home and when I first get back to the States. Then the reverse happens. At some point I start to get antsy to get back to Italy then I’m also really happy for a few days when I first get back to Italy. Then I get into a routine of sorts and there is less energy or excitement. How can I channel this energy to everyday life? Maybe I need to increase my intake of coffee and gelato?!


Lori said...

Jeff, I can't wait to see you!. Remember that Kent and I have your small suitcase and a duffle bag inside it. I was going to give it to you to bring back. but if you don't have room, no problem. As for winter clothes, We can bring extra warm clothes to the parents for you if you like and then just leave them in the states.

sognatrice said...

Buon viaggio Jeffo :)

Annika said...

You just need to travel back and forth more often. Then you'd be happy all the time - simple as that!
I love that photo, and it's really nice to look at it this time a year. Some day Sardegna will be blessed with my presence. Some day. I just have to go to Rome first, and the Amalfi coast, and Naples, and Florence, and Venice, and Sicily, and....... :)