Monday, December 11, 2006

Tour del Gelato

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This is my contribution to the “Tour del Gelato” in Italy. I’m always critiquing Italy so I should do an official “state of gelato address”. The top three places to get gelato in Brindisi all have outdoor seating with a view of sea (they are on the sea) and the evening passeggiata, so only the gelato sets one apart from the others, sort of….

The top spot goes to the Vertigo. This place is a must stop every weekend (or every night). In the summer there can be huge lines after midnight, so come early and often! One of the secrets of good gelato is selling a lot. You don’t want gelato that has been sitting around! At the Vertigo it usually goes quickly. This place is the favorite hang out of the teens through 30 somethings. The picture shows the Vertigo and the new white building is Le Corniche (3rd place). The gelato in the picture is caffe and dark chocolate. Both places block off part of the street for tables in the summer so you can sit down.

Second place is Bar Betty. Bar Betty has actually been around longer than the Vertigo so some Brindisinos will tell you that they have the best. That may be true and it’s a tough choice. In the winter Bar Betty seems to keep a better selection of flavors, probably due to their diehard fans. They also make beautiful fancy ice cream cakes. The Vertigo is only starting to dabble in this area. They also have the benefit of the biggest outdoor area to congregate and talk while enjoying the gelato. This may be the reason that this place seems to be better for the family and it’s still THE place for an aperitivo and people watching, even if the drinks are expensive.

Third place goes to Le Corniche. This is a brand new place (March 2006) that needs to be around a little longer before it can be moved above Bar Betty and/or the Vertigo. They have a lot of nerve because they opened up right next door to the Vertigo and they have a French name. The gelato bars themselves are only about 15 feet from each other (there was a time in Italy when it was illegal for businesses to this). Also Bar Betty is only a 5-minute walk along the same road, so Le Corniche knows they can’t get by with OK gelato. It HAS to be good to compete in this area of town. I give Le Corniche good marks because they completely redid an old building that was an eyesore on the seafront. Now it looks great with a really nice restaurant and nice courtyard. Problem is, who wants to hide in a courtyard. You want to be out front! You want to be seen with your gelato! Still their gelato is good and the reputation is building.

So in summary all the great gelato in Brindisi is on the same street, Via Lungomare (right on the sea), and they’re all a 15-minute walk from my apartment (this is needed to burn off all the calories of the ice cream). I recommend all three from my experiences. I’m sure there are good gelato places out in other areas of Brindisi but the vast majority of Brindisi goes to these places.
Everything written here is based on the opinions of the author and is a matter of taste and based on no scientific fact. Use only as directed. Results may vary. Consult your local physician before starting your own “Tour del Gelato”.


marco russo said...

you are a great eater of ice creams...sometimes call us...if u want it...

Delina said...

Caffe and dark chocolate??? YEWWW!

Lori said...

Oh boy... Does this make me miss Italy. I want one of those ice cream cakes. Too bad it doesn't travel well. Next time I'm over there we are getting an ice cream cake. mmmmmm gelato.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao, fellow tour guide! Ah, it's a tough job we do, but somebody's gotta do it, no?

I liked your post and how you compared three places. I've never been to Brindisi so I'm looking forward to checking your blog out some more. If I'm ever in your neighborhood, ti offro io un gelato! I'm undecided though...might have to try all three.

Jeffo said...

I love being a tour guide around here. What's the point in living here if I can't share the experience? I'm always ready to go for a gelato so let me know!

Yeah the caffe and dark chocolate was a spur of the moment decision. I was trying to satisfy two urges at once. Maybe not the best combination.

and sis, you'll have to come back for an ice cream cake. I know I'll have to twist your arm. You can even stay for a month, again!


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