Thursday, December 07, 2006

Food of the Day

It seems in Italy there is almost a different food that should be eaten every around every holiday. Today, for some odd reason connected with the Immacolata, we were having puccia for lunch. I thought puccia was bread with olives in it but evidently it is also a type of panino. There was a 10-minute discussion on puccia from Brindisi verses the others in the region and I won’t get into here because mainly I was dieing of hunger and not paying attention. Where are these pucce? That’s all I could think about.
So the food arrives late but that’s ok until it became painfully obvious that we are very short. Everyone was SUPPOSED to get 2 pucce because they are pretty small. Our original group of around 15 had grown to 32 people so we ordered 70 (the day before) just to be sure. Well in the end it seems that we only got 50 pucce and most of those were eaten before this was realized. So I got screwed (along with about 5 others) because I didn’t attack the sack of sandwiches like a wild dog. Somehow I did get the above photos with my phone before the panini disappeared. I’m just a little pissed off right now. I wouldn’t be so upset if this was the first time we were short, but it seems to happen a lot. One of the drawbacks of doing things in a large group!! I did get my 5 euros back since I didn’t get anything to eat. I sure hope that they called back to the store and asked for a refund.


Lori said...

Is that tuna in there or what?

Anonymous said...

How would I know I didn't have one sister?!!! Thanks for rubbing salt in an open wound!!


Jeff said...

Yes it is Lori,
sorry about that outburst. It starts out with tuna, capers, and some sauce that is oil with little bits of vegetables. Then there were all kinds of other things you could add like onions, the little fish you see in the photo, cheese, tomatoes, etc etc. You're also supposed to eat mandarins.