Thursday, November 30, 2006

Matera in the Movies, again

Matera is being featured in the movies again. Mel Gibson put the town on the movie map with "The Passion of the Christ". Now the movie "Nativity" is coming out tomorrow and once again Matera is used as a huge movie set. I decided to post two of my photos here so you can say "That's Matera!" when show a wide shot. This first one is from the a cave on the opposite side of the huge ravine that matera was built on. I'm standing it what was someone's home hundreds of years ago. They all lived in caves and slowly built houses on to the front of the caves. The result is what you see here.

This next photo has more color and shows the one road in town. It also shows how they really are built on top of each other. The ravine is off to the left. Neither picture really shows there is a cliff there. I'll have to go back and get another shot of that.


Cynthia Rae said...

The photos are great! What a beautiful city, I am lookng forward to seeing the moive.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you. Hope you had a good one and at least you (we) had our pumpkin pie!


Jeff Gromen said...

Thanks. Also I'm looking forward to more pumpkin pie in few weeks!!

Your cats look great. You could bring them over because Nello seems to be dead tired every night from playing with Mara. She's growing in size but her kitten energy hasn't died down. He has to go up high to relax.