Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Oldest

It’s very strange how long it takes and how you learn things some things in life. All of my life my older brother has complained, …no let’s say “expressed”, how difficult it is to be the oldest. I never appreciated or accepted this fact or opinion…until now. Bro, I have a little more understanding now. I come to this conclusion from a strange source. Watching my cats. It’s only after the recent addition of Mara to my household that I could make this discovery. Yes, Emily I have changed Smeagol’s name to Mara. Mara is close to “mare” which means sea in Italian and Mara was found in the sea so it seems to fit. I could call her “tempesta nera” (black storm), which is what she becomes when all worked up. Back to my observations, I find that I’m much more tolerant of Mara’s transgressions. I realize that most of them are just phases that she will grow out of but with Nello I feared I had to put my foot down or he would group up to be a “bad kitty”. Things like when Nello attacked his first roll of toilet paper and made a huge mess of it. I smacked his little cat butt and promised him he wouldn’t see the inside of the bathroom again for a long time. When Mara did it I got the camera out to take a picture. And sure enough even without the threats she has already outgrown that game. Yes, the oldest does get the pleasure of beating the crap out of the younger, which I see on a daily basis (and remember growing up) but he is the explorer that has to live under a more totalitarian regime from the parents for fear that “if once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny” (to quote Yoda). So it seems to be true that the oldest has it the toughest from what I’ve seen. I’ll finally agree with you on that bro. That’s just my opinion and I’m the middle child so what do I know. Wait, all of this doesn’t change the FACT that the middle child is always the best!!!!


Monika Betley said...

Interesting. I know Midwest, I don't know Italy, so your blog ist interesting for me. I link your blog to mine. :)

Lolo said...

I like your observations Jeff. I guess you'll have to get a third cat to fully understand the dynamics of our family. Besides, we all know that the third child is the favorite. tee hee.

lo said...

ps. I like the name smeagol better.

Jeffo said...

I'm not getting a third cat!!! I'll take your word for it the the third is the best. (HA HAAAAAaa) Smeagol is hard to say and it doesn't tell the sex of the cat.

Cynthia Rae said...

Well as the youngest child, I have to say that the parents ALWAYS save the best for last! I am sure your younger brother or sister will agree with me on that.

It is true that the oldest has it the worst, but dont tell my brother that said that. I think as the first child, the parents really just dont know what the heck they are doing. By the time the other children roll around, they are little more relaxed.

On a side note, your kitties are VERY cute. Opus and Roscoe (my ameircan cats) are wanting to know if they are interested in a double date?


Cynthia Rae said...

PS. Scratch that double date question as I just noticed that one of your cats is a boy (mine are both boys). hehehehehe!