Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Walk to work day

Davide asked me a short time ago how far it was from the Train Station to work. I live right next to it and it’s something I drive everyday so I measured it on the odometer in my car. Turns out that it is exactly 2 km. I thought WHAT?! It’s only 2 km to work. I could walk that!! So this morning I did. This is how it went down.

8:04 leaving the front door. Timers set!
8:06 pass by the train station and the first temptation of coffee.
8:12 pass the stop sign you never stop at (unless you want to be rear ended).
8:14 buy a newspaper and saw someone I knew but I can’t remember his name
8:16 pass the Questura on my shortcut.
8:22 emerge from shortcut within sight of work
8:30 enter the front gate. Almost exactly 26 minutes after leaving home and I stopped to buy a paper.
8:36 finish explaining to the guards at the front gate why I don’t have my car
8:39 go for a coffee.

I figure I only lose 15 or 20 minutes with the time it takes to get the car out of the garage. Of course this will be weather permitting. I'm very close to not needing a car for ANYTHING.

Also what do Julio Cesar and I have in common? We are both goalies for the best team in our respective leagues. After that there is very little in common. Last night we had a spirited game (that's putting it nicely) that ended in a 5-4 win for us. We have now beaten the teams we lost to and tied in the first round of soccer tournament at work. All we have to do is win out and we’ll have the company trophy. The teams left didn’t seem that good the first round so as long as they don’t pick up any ringers we should be ok. The pressure was terrible leading up to last night. As the goalie you’re the last line of defense (and I'm not that good). In the end I had a decent game but the game wasn’t as close as score makes it seem. It was 5-3 with one minute left. That last minute seemed to go on for a loooonnggg time. Did I mention there were some tensions between the teams?

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