Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brindisi Basket

What? Brindisi is leading it's division in Basketball and I would really like to go see a game. I copied down the schedule a long time ago and it seems there is a game tomorrow, or not? I looked at the schedule today online to check and the game is now on Sunday. That's better for me, but get this the location is "da stabilire" and the referee is "da stabilire". So there is a game Sunday at 6:30 PM but they don't where and they don't know who is going to be the referee!!! UGGHHH. No wonder I haven't been to a game yet! I couldn't understand why I didn't know more about them. In their defense they are just finishing up a new "stadium" for the team here in town. I say stadium because it looks like a high school gym, but all the better. I bet there isn't a bad seat in the place and when it's open I bet it will be packed. I'll keep checking their website and maybe I'll get to a game!


marco russo said...

jeff call me please....

GroBut said...

Jeffo, you should try out for the team...You are at least 6"1', right? I wonder if the Europeans are using the new, controversial, b-ball that they are using in the NBA. ----KENT
ps- Hi Marco Russo

Anonymous said...

UC basketball is starting up here. Maybe they could do a winter tourny in Brindisi!


Anonymous said...

Brindisi won again this weekend. I didn't go to the game because I think it was sold out. The store in town didn't have any more tickets but they said there might be some at the stadium. I decided it wasn't meant to be.
There was a big article in the paper that the stadium wasn't exactly done, but they played in it anyway.