Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend in May?

This weekend was soo much fun…it's almost a shame I’m going back to the States on Wednesday. I’ll have to overload the posts today as I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to post again this week.

I mentioned in the previous post that the weather has warmed up. It was so hot that I didn’t need anyone to tell me what we were doing Saturday afternoon. It was the first real day at the beach. I say real day because it was the first time I went in the sea for the whole day. I guess I could have last weekend but it just didn’t seem right. This weekend you needed it. The water seemed all right the first time as long as you kept moving around but then I went back for a second dip and it felt down right cold. In June it will be more accommodating!
It was very interesting to be at the beach as Ottavio said to take note how the beach is right now because this summer the beach itself will get smaller. He was right because I could notice a difference from last year, already. The beach is actually much bigger in the spring. During the winter and spring the sand migrates down from the sand dunes toward the sea, I assume this is due to the wet weather (because the wind comes out of every direction all year). But in the summer it will be dry and windy and the sand will get blown back towards the dunes. You might be able to tell in the photos that the beach is very flat whereas in the summer it will be more sloped from the water to the dunes. So the sea will creep closer to the dunes as time goes by. I love the fact that park has put up a good fence to keep people off the sand dunes. It really works and I think there is much more grass growing there every year. It’s a sign that this beach is here to stay and may even be getting better. Now if we can just keep someone from making a hotel at the edge of the park.

This photo was taken as I left. Ottavio and company are still held up in the grouping you see. I was roasted by this point and needed a shower and after sun lotion!


sognatrice said...

Ah, summer has arrived! Buon viaggio :)

Lori said...

I can't wait to hit that beach!