Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

So it’s finally May. With the stop and go Spring it was hard to tell that it has arrived. I have put away the sweaters, coats, gloves, hats and all other things for cold weather. I haven't used them for a while but now it just seems like the right date to change things a little. Lately, I have felt a little odd when I go out without a jacket on. It just didn’t seem right but maybe that’s because I looked at how everyone else is dressed. Now it’s May so short sleeves should be acceptable, to me and to everyone else.
It shouldn’t be long before every restaurant has their outdoor seating setup. And if they don’t have outdoor seating then the close up shop for the summer. Right now it’s just a few caffes that have little tables out for people to catch some sun with their morning coffees. Also all the flavors of gelato are back on the menu, finally. They tone down the variety in the winter, as people just aren’t buying that much. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that number of flavors is going up. Just today I noticed that green apple is finally back at the Vertigo. So I had one of my favorite fruit combinations, green apple and strawberry.
The picture today is “Nello in a lemon tree”. The tree wasn’t doing anything on the front balcony and I realized it was not getting enough sun. I moved it to the back balcony and now it’s taking off, but it’s a little behind everyone else’s. It’s getting more sun now but it’s also at the mercy of the cats. They started digging in the pot so I covered it with a piece of cardboard. Now they love to sleep on the cardboard covering the soil. This new habit may have a benefit as I wonder if the heat from their bodies is helping the tree grow. Boh?
Not to much to report on May Day or Labor Day here in Brindisi. There seems to be nothing special going on. There is a little rally planned but it doesn't seem like it will be very big. Nothing like the big concerts and/or protests up North.

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Cynthia Rae said...

Ah concerts and protests in the north, you gotta love it here!

Just had to say that LOVED the the picture of Nello in the tree. Roscoe never tried to eat plants, but Opus loves to chew on anything green. That means the only plants I have on the terrace are the kind I can hang. If they are near the ground, Opus thinks it is his meranda!

ps. Maybe the cat will help the fruit grow!