Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tutto a posto

I was a little freaked out yesterday and I didn’t include it in the blog until now. I had another wonderful experience with Alitalia coming back. I can’t tell you how much I hate them. They lost my bag AGAIN and it wasn’t just me. There was at least ten people waiting for their bags from my flight. I have learned something though from my past experiences, and that’s to get to the lost and found desk first. I did, so at least I managed to get home quickly. Then yesterday in just under 24 hours they called and said they had my bag at the airport. I went and picked it up, as I don’t trust them to deliver it. Why should I believe that they can handle that? So I checked my bag and nothing was missing or broken so everything is ok, now. Still I can’t believe the stress they put me through. I had packed two expensive items that I probably should have had insured in case they really lost the bag (or they were stolen).
I saw today in the news that there are only two bidders left looking to buy Alitalia, Airone and Aeroflot. I think Airone might be able to turn them around and on the other side I fear Aeroflot. What good would come out of a Russian airline (with a dubious past) buying an Italian airline (notorious for not showing up to work)? The news also said it would take about 5 billion dollars to turn Alitalia around. I wonder if that includes firing everyone and starting over. I’m sorry but they get no sympathy from me. They are the ONLY airline allowed to fly from Brindisi to Rome and they still can’t make money. Anyway that's the past, for now everything is ok. phew...
Nello, however, is still not ok. He has been crying and following me around the house more than usual. He doesn't seem to believe me when I say "I’m not going to leave again for a while so he should just calm down." Goofy cat. Mara didn’t notice that I was gone and she is now in "full shed mode". She took a little longer to reach this stage but now I get a brush full of fur out of her whenever I manage to hold her down long enough to brush her. To her people are only useful when they are throwing something to chase or putting out food and water. Goofy cat!
Me, well, I’ve already had many coffees, a pizza, etc etc but I haven’t had a gelato since I got back. That will have to change tonight, although the weather has cooled down. Before I left it was sweltering hot and not it feels great. It’s not beach weather anymore but that could change by this weekend.
The flowers are another random shot in Indianapolis with the new camera. And they are calming when I start to think about Alitalia.

I think they fell asleep while wrestling!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Yay! You're back!
First, can I just say that your goofy cats are definitely cousins of my Rome cats... I'm happy to see that my cats aren't the only ones who are "husky" ;-) Cyn's (Reboot blog) cats are part of the clan, too!

And, as far as who would buy Alitalia... I figured they'd need to fire everyone and start over too, but my Italian laywer hubby assures me that whoever buys them buys them with all the labor contracts intact, ie, youcanneverbefiredaslongasyoulive. And, Aeroflot? Didn't they just have a crash recently? Preghiamo.

Jeff Gromen said...

I'm hoping that the new owners do something like Rupert Murdoch did with the English newspapers. He came in fired everyone and moved the whole paper even with the unions.
I didn't want to say the "c" word but they don't have the best history.
And my cats aren't husky they just have a lot of hair!!!