Thursday, May 31, 2007

Isn't ironic, don't ya think?

This photo is the checkpoint that was outside my apartment yesterday after work. I love how the police use scooters and not just any scooter but one of the smallest ones that exists. My dad’s lawn mower has more horsepower! Don’t worry the Carabinieri have big cool motorcycles. Anyway, on to the main topic of the day….
I’m not sure if it’s ironic or not, but a strange thing happened last night. I went out for a gelato after dinner (that’s not a strange thing! Just wait). I walk down to the Vertigo around 10:00 PM. I’m enjoying my first gelato (Snickers and chocolate chip) since I returned when I step out the door and I almost literally ran into Teddy and Alessandra going to a concert in Le Corniche, which is next door. I joined them as I was curious and I didn’t know about this concert (hey, I’ve been out of town for a while). I felt slightly guilty carrying my gelato from the Vertigo (best gelato in Brindisi) into the Le Corniche (3rd best gelato in Brindisi), but only slightly because Le Corniche is the one that opened up next door to an established gelateria. Anyway, we’re watching the concert in the outdoor courtyard of the restaurant when all of sudden they stop playing around 11:30. It seems the Carabinieri had come to pull the plug on the noise (hey it’s rock-n-roll to me). I stuck around for a while because they said the concert would start again after THEY left. That didn’t seem right, the band was going to play again, AFTER the Carabinieri told them to stop? Maybe, I think the bars are allowed to break the 11:00 PM rule a few times over a certain amount time, then after the Xth time they get a ticket, so they record every time they play music too late. As long as you don’t do it too often you’re ok.
The ironic part is coming up. I decided to go home because I have to work the next day and I was not convinced they would play again. When I get back to my apartment they are painting the lines on my street, AGAIN. I live at an intersection so there are plenty of lines to paint, crosswalks, little triangles, parking spaces and etc. So it’s a little after midnight and now I can’t sleep because of the noise being made by the painters down below my window. There’s a lot of commotion going on down there, the air compressor for the paint sprayer, the throwing around of metal patterns, the yelling between the three guys trying to be heard over the air compressor. I think it’s ironic because I wouldn’t have been home trying to sleep if the Carabinieri hadn’t stopped the concert that was making too much noise. You see it’s ironic because if they didn’t stop the noise that didn’t bother me then I wouldn’t have know about the noise that does bother me. Should I add that I live next door to the Carabinieri station? Ahh, life in the big city.

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marco said...

u know jeff...brindisi is a big city... :)