Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I should explain. Yesterday I was going to rant about people asking about my car, which is why I put up that photo. That’s not my car but that picture is of someone who is having a problem with his or her car. Me, on the other hand I have the perfectly running car pictured here today, but still people are worried here in Brindisi. Now let me explain, the weather is nicer and I’m walking to work more and more. People are still always coming up to me and asking what’s wrong with my car. Why are you walking, Jeff? Nothing is wrong with the car. I just choose to walk to work. Then they give me that wrinkled brow look similar to when I say Grottaglie and they have no idea what I’m talking about! How can a town where people walk for hours to essentially go nowhere have a problem understanding why I would actually walk to a place? I know you, the readers of my blog, are not the ones harassing me but I’ll take it out on you anyway. I’m also wondering why the grapevine isn’t working so well on this. By now everyone who knows me should know the story. Then again I still have people at the gym asking where I’m from and what I’m doing here. How could you not know at this point?
I’m really going to throw a wrench in works because when school gets out I plan to start riding my bike to work. Right now there are two intersections that are just to busy for me to navigate in the morning on a bike. Italian drivers can deal with scooters so I probably would be ok but I’m not wide-awake myself most of the time in the morning so I’ll wait until there’s less traffic.
While we are talking about cars, here’s photo of my old Camaro that I had back in Indianapolis. That car was fun to drive. After this I bought a Diesel Jetta but I don’t seem to have a photo of it.


jessica said...

My brother drives a camero. He lives in South bend. I think it's like the state car or something. He's 6.5 and it's kind of a treat to watch him try and get in and out.

Jeff Gromen said...

The state car of Indiana? I guess it could be. It is the pace car for a lot of Indy 500s.


Kataroma said...

Jeff - I know exactly what you mean. As a former New Yorker and non car owner I walk or take the metro/bus everywhere in Rome. People think I'm a) so poor I can't afford a scooter or b) a crazy foreigner.

But I have to navigate the obstacle course of Italian statale taking their morning coffee and passagiata when I'm on my way to work. I feel like saying to them "outta the way, lady - I'm walking to actually get somewhere!"