Monday, May 14, 2007

Brindisi in Bicicletta

Now, tons of photos of “Brindisi in Bicicletta”, the 25th year for this event. This year was by far the BEST year. Well, because we won!! Yes we won! No this isn’t a race like the “Giro d’Italia” but we won. I'll explain later. The event is a very leisurely, family friendly bike around town. I’ll explain more as we go through the photos, so let’s goooo.

The first photo is Valerio on the most stylin’ chopper on the road yesterday. He let me take a spin on it and I really liked how it felt. It was comfortable and you have to love the looks people give you.

This photo is heading out of town and our first stretch of open road (and our first and only hill).

Our first stop was Santa Maria di Casale. I think this is one of the newest churches in town. It gave us a chance to get a coffee, but we had to take a shortcut to catch up!

Marco Ruu on his ride.

You could even stop and get some cozze (mussels) during the ride.

A big thank you for all the Red Cross riders that patched up all the injured bikers. Kids will be kids.

Roadblock. Several places were so tight that we came to a stop. Remember, this is not the Tour de France. There was no award for the first to cross the line.

Erika is front and center in this photo and showing her award winning style. She won an award but I'm not comletely sure why. She’s talking to Dora as we come back into town.

Look out as we bikes are taking over the main drag in town. Coasting down to the finish line by the sea.

Everyone gather around as someone is going to make a lot of long-winded speeches after we've ridden around in the hot sun for a few hours. I think a lot of people have had left by this time.

The award-winning group. Erika has her own award and Gianluca has our group award. He takes great pride in coming up with our group name, Latic Acid (in Italian). Chemical Engineers are such geeks!!!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Looks like a lot of fun and perfect weather. But no, I would definitely NOT be stopping by the ol' cozze stand on my bike ride, thank you very much! What happened to good old fashioned water?

Anonymous said...

Valerio rules!!!

Johnaesthetica said...

Ah, looks like good fun, indeed!

Cynthia Rae said...

Congrats on your win! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


Jeff Gromen said...

There were also numerous caffe' where you could get water or other drinks to help along. The cozze is just more interesting.

I may have to block the anonymous posters or someone at the CANTIERI URA store needs to get back to work! I suspect Paolo is behind this as Valerio wouldn't post this.


Stelle in Italia said...

looks like fun! glad you guys won! lucky you that there was only 1 hill!

paola salsa said...

i see!!!!!! u r still in Italy!!! i cannot believe that!
how r u?
I work for an US company now and... I left Milan!
life is strange, isn't it?
kisses P.