Monday, May 14, 2007

Escosazio, the photos

Read about the Escosazio here. Now we have photos. I went to the restaurant again Friday night with the Gym crowd. It may be our last dinner before the gym closes for the summer. Last weekend was warm. This weekend was hot! It's going to be hard to keep going when your sweating just standing around.

This is the meat counter. Remember you go up and just pick out what you want. We sat down to eat at 10:45 PM so the some things are getting close to empty.

This is a close up of some of the "bombette" and I see some boscauole (that's how it's spelled on the sign) in the top middle tray of the picture. The top left of the picture is one of my favorites. It's like beef wrapped in bacon. The ones on the top right that are wrapped in zucchini were better this time than I remember. I thought I didn't like that one.

This is where they cook any piece of meat that can be stuck on a stick. Notice the bags of wood chips under the grill. I forgot to ask what type of wood they use.

Finally, some cooked up for us. They actually bring out the meat in stages (I can't really call them courses) so nothing gets cold. This would be the primi (or sausages) dish. The antipasti is meatballs and french fries but that actually was gone too quick to photo.

This is one of the last "stages". Is that a salad? Don't be silly. There is a steak cut into strips under under that rucola and Parmesan cheese. Although I think they do have a salad.

John, Don't worry most restaurants are NOT this meat related. They are more seafood based which is what makes this place so special.

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