Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween, Where's the CANDY?

I don't have a pumpkin this year so you'll have to look at my post from two years ago for Halloween jack-o-lantern. This year I see more pumpkins around but still they are for eating and not carving. Also check out the next day when I celebrated All Saints Day with Turibio in 2004. I haven't heard from that crazy kid this year. I wonder what happened to him.
Last year I didn't post on Halloween but I think it was because I was too worried about getting back to USA for my cousin's wedding. I still can't believe I made it.
Tonight there is something going on at all the bars but no costume parties. My mom will confirm that I was never that excited about dressing up for Halloween so I'm not missing that aspect. The only good costume I ever had was in 1999. I was the "millenium bug". I dressed up as an insect with computer parts and big clock hanging around my neck.
I do miss the candy. I'll solve that problem with a quick trip to the store tonight!!

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Lori said...

Candy. mmmmmmm. Auschen. mmmmm. I love that chocolate aisle.