Thursday, October 26, 2006

Light email day

What a boring day so far. I come in and there are no work related emails and just one personal email in my inbox. Now I don’t feel too unloved because there were 19 spam emails to delete. Even for those $^#^* that’s unusually low. I’ll have to check the news on the Internet to see what’s going on.
I need help. My iPod has been diagnosed as terminally ill so I'm drooling over the possibilities. Should I wait and see what comes out next or dive into the biggest monster Apple has available right now? Dare I even think of buying a Microsoft product like the Zune? There’s getting to be so many choices. I don’t feel like shelling out a lot of money this time but I really liked having ALL my music in the car.
Also in the technology department, I'm one step closer to having high speed Internet at home. I know what you’re all thinking. Wasn’t he saying that a month ago? Yes I was. But now I have a note that says a package is waiting for me at the post office. They tried to deliver it yesterday but I was at work (how inconsiderate of me). This package is, I believe, the modem and wireless router from Fastweb. I’m hoping that I can hook it up myself but I think they will need to send out a “tecnico” who will do the installation from what I’ve heard. So I’ll have the equipment but I’ll still be waiting. Still if there is anything I’ve learned in Italy, it’s to be patient. Once I have this I will be surfing 24/7 and I’ll be able to watch and upload YouTube videos, which may not be a good thing.
And last but not least I found out that Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters are in concert in Rome on November 16. I would love to go to this but it's on a Thrusday night. I suppose I could try that same train I was supposed to take last weekend. Or maybe go the plane route. I really would like to see them in concert and they don't tour a lot.
Here are the lyrics from one of their Italian songs, Come le viole (means like the violets)

Come le viole

Son tornate le viole quaggiù
Ma non hanno colore per te
Quella calda tenerezza che tu
Portavi nei tuoi occhi
No, non c'è più

Come le viole anche tu
La primavera con te riporterai

Avevi la mia vita
Avevi la mia vita fra le tue braccia
Te ne sei andata non so
Te ne sei andata con chi dai sogni miei
Forse domani chissà tu piangerai
Quando il mio amore lo so tu capirai
Rifioriranno tante primavere

Come le viole anche tu
Rifioriranno tante primavere
Come le viole anche tu

It's about lost love but the song itself is upbeat and fun.


lori said...

You and your lost love songs. Is there something we need to talk about?

KENT! said...

Amore! Jeffo, "Say the word and you'll be free", that band.

Jeff Gromen said...

But the songs are usually about a woman that left the guy singer. I'm the opposite. I usually leave the girl that likes me.
I don't know "The Word"s to Beatles songs like you....