Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brindisi in the News

Wow, did you see the news? We have terrorists right here in Brindisi. Well the story has changed a little. When we first heard about the plane it was this: Terrorists had hijacked a plane and wanted to fly it to Rome “as a message to the Pope”.
Now it turns out that it was just one guy (he implied he had an accomplice to make sure his plan worked) who was seeking asylum in Italy. He’s actually a convert to Christianity and trying to get out of serving in the Turkish Army, which as we know gets you killed in Turkey. So last night it was all concerns of safety of the Pope and relations between Muslims and Christians when really it’s just one kid scared to go back to Turkey.
Side note: The English people on BBC better stop butchering the pronunciation of Brindisi. It’s not brenDESE. It’s BRENdese

Today it’s another beautiful day. Why am I happy? Because Gina is going to clean my apartment this afternoon. This is going to save me a lot of time and concern. After she gets done with my place my mom shouldn’t have a problem with her allergies when she gets here Friday. With the new kitten things have been busy around the house. Nello is now playing nicely with Smigol.

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