Friday, October 27, 2006

The good ole days

In this photo you see a piece of history, a reminder of much different time when life was much simpler, more focused and well planned. What am I reflecting upon? I noticed that my pilot’s license was issued on October 28 1990. Sixteen years ago tomorrow. What a time that was. I was 18 years old! I was working my butt off every weekend in Hardees (fast food like McDonalds) to make enough money to take flying lessons and it all culminated with this license. Also in October of 1990 I was just starting my freshman year at the University of Cincinnati. Man how things have changed, but Paul Simon once said, “After changes upon changes we are more or less the same, after changes we are more or less the same”. Where's that from Kent? Mom and Dad can't answer because it would be easy for them.

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Lori said...

Also, in October of 1990, the Cincinnati Reds swept the Oakland A's in the World Series!! Yahoo.