Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday Lunch

So Saturday night Andrea said lets go eat in a little place he knows in the country. That's always a good idea in my book, so I was in, immediately.

This is the classic "in the car picture" Giulio is driving, Mariaellena on camera, Francesco and I in the back.

The biker shot. Andrea and Viviana are on the Harley and Marco is on the Ducati. It was a beautiful day to be out on a motocycle.

You know this is a restaurant and not someone's house because of the sign. Most people don't have an "ingresso" sign at their front door. We arrived around 2:00 and they were ready for us. The menu is already decided for you. You just sit down and they start serving. There is no way you could do that in the States.

The first dish was actually two different dishes of pasta. Wait a minute; I took a picture of the menu. It was:

Antipasti della Masseria

Primi: Laganori con il Ragu`, Cavatelli con Pancetta e Fagioli

Secondo: Grigliata Mista di Agnello, Salsciccia, Bottbege, e Gnummaredde

Contorni: Insalata e Patate al Forno

Torta della Masseria

After the meal when went on a “modified” passeggiata. Modified because we went to this grassy field by the sea and laid down.

This spot is perfect for throwing Frisbee. I’ve been searching for a place like this and couldn’t figure out why it was here. It turns out that it’s a landing strip for Ultralight aircraft. We found this out when a guy with a parachute and fan strapped to his back took off. Later, when he came back the kids playing soccer had to get out of his way. With the work the Flying Club must put into this field I can’t believe they let people hang out on their grass runway.

To put it simply, the day was one of those that remind how nice it is to live in Italy with friends, good food, and always something new to around the corner.

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