Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Lonely Fruit Fly

I don’t know why but the other day I had one fruit fly in my bathroom. Maybe this is the result of buying a bunch of bananas at the market on Saturday but it still doesn’t explain why this one fly was in the bathroom. I tried to rationalize it, because the bananas are gone. So I thought, maybe he was on a desperate search for food and while on this search he came across a big mirror in my bathroom. There are only two things on the mind of this dumb insect and that’s food and other fruit flies. I can only assume from his actions with the mirror that this fruit fly was either vain or incredibly lonely. It seemed like he hadn’t seen another fruit fly in days, which is a long time in the life of this poor insect. I made a couple of stabs at killing him before taking a shower but I kept missing and I didn’t like all the fingerprints I was putting on the mirror. I thought “I’ll take a shower and come back and smash this bugger after I get nice and clean”. Sure enough after the shower the little guy was still hard at it trying to get at that other fly. So I took aim and squashed him against the mirror. And that’s the end of the story of the lonely fruit fly. I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere….

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