Thursday, June 15, 2006


Summer arrived yesterday!! Yes we’ve been whining and complaining about how cool and wet it has been and I think summer heard us, finally. It’s hot today and they are predicting 90s this weekend with no sign of rain. That sounds like summer. So now at work it’s hot just sitting here. Incredible. The sea is still going to be cold this weekend but if it’s in the 90s then I’m in the water.
Also today I notice the heat more than ever. I rode my bike to work. You know how I mentioned the road construction appeared to be done, well I was wrong. There is one more street to do and yesterday they closed it (but just in one direction) creating a huge traffic jam. People couldn’t understand why they couldn’t go down the street like they did yesterday, myself included. So after taking a long way around last night I decided to ride my bike today. I think I can actually get to work faster by bike then by taking a car. It’s also less dangerous to ride my bike because all the cars are sitting still on street.
There have been a lot of birthdays lately. Last night it was Andrea who is the opposite of me. He is an Italian who rides a Harley and I’m an American who drives an Alfa Romeo. I think both combinations are pretty rare. So he wears Levis and Harley clothes while I wear “Baci e Abbracci” and Dolce and Gabbana. We were talking last night and I want to meet his parents because they live on a farm where they grow all their own food. We’re not talking just fruits and vegetables but meat (pigs, goats, sheep, and rabbits) and they make their own cheeses and who knows what else. Sounds like a lot of work so I’m interested to see how they do it in this day and age. Does modern technology help?

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