Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well it’s begun. The World Cup. Last night the USA lost it’s first match getting killed by the Czech Republic. They showed some skills but we are still years behind. I had a bunch of friends over for the Italy-Ghana game and it was a blast. The game was much more entertaining with the Italians winning 2-0. Tonight was big Brazil-Croatia game and I was looking forward to it because I know so many players from he Brazilian team but they were a big disappointment, despite winning 1-0. I was actually pulling for Croatia at the end because they were playing so much harder but every shot was right in the middle of the goal where the keeper was. In fact the only shot that was good the whole game was the one by Kaka that scored the goal. All the other shots were wide or right in the middle. Maybe I’ve seen too many commercials with Ronaldino. I was expecting more but even the announcers were saying that they were disappointed.
I’m dreading the USA-Italy game. Whatever happens I’ll be getting **** after. Well I’ve missed two nights at the gym watching games so I’ll try to better and only watch games that really matter. OOHH Germany plays Poland tomorrow!!!!

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