Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Last but not least an olive tree that needs a little help. I think I remember where this is. It's not far (maybe 15 minutes) from out in the country. Posted by Picasa

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Cherrye (Cicina) said...

Hey Jeff,

Fun blog. I liked reading it. I saw your post on Expats. When you drive through Calabria which towns do you pass? The beaches are GREAT here! Also there is a really cute village in the mountains called Sila. Have you heard of it? I love going up there.

By boyfriend and I are opening a B&B. It won't be ready until the end of the year. They are doing the construction (every morning at 7 AM)!

Do you go over to Greece often since you are in Brindisi? I was in Brindisi a few years ago when I took the boat to Corfu. If you haven't done that, you really should.

Hope to hear from ya soon. I don't have a blog, but you can email me at axo_cherrye@yahoo.com or post on expats!