Thursday, June 22, 2006


EEEGGGHHHADDSS!! I mentioned summer arrived in my last blog and I wasn’t crazy. The high temperature today is predicted to be 38C, for you Americans that’s the big 100F. Also still there is no sign of rain in the forecast. Although, this is good for the olives from what they say. You need a good blast of hot and dry weather to make them right. At least that’s why the Greeks say their olives are better.
Well the sister and brother-in-law arrive today and Italy plays its most important World Cup game so there is a lot going on, but none of it at work. I plan on leaving after lunch because the game starts at 16:00 and I need to clean the apartment up a little.
Other news, I owe my “gommista” a coffee. I went in yesterday to see if the rental car company “approved of” the idea of getting new tires on the car. He was having computer problems so me and another guy tried to help him out. I wasn’t much help but the other guy got it all set up perfect for the gas station. It was another one of those crazy situations I get myself into. I’m in the backroom of the gas station (well it’s at least a gas station, tire place, car wash etc…) trying to help get the guy connected to the Internet so he can see the email from the rental car company about my car. No response about the tires but I did get a fuse changed in my car and my air conditioning system checked. That station is hilarious. When you start talking and you never know what will happen. I have to go there from now on. It kind of reminds me of the gas station from “The Andy Griffin Show” only bigger with a lot more going on. It’s complete with a very dirty dog that I can’t help but pet. Oh and I owe him a coffee for the fuse.

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