Monday, June 26, 2006

A bad day at the beach....

is better than a good day at work. Well maybe… A good day at work is never painful. Well, I was very eager to show Lori and Kent how great the beach was when you can go swimming. In the past they have only been here when it’s too cold . So Saturday morning we go out to Torre Gauceto. We get everything setup and then Lori and I go out snorkeling. We were observing all the cool fish, sea urchins and etc while looking for an octopus. The water was pretty calm and clear. I was taking a rest on the rocks when a jellyfish stings me. Now it hurt pretty badly but I made the situation worse because when I reacted I scrapped my leg on the rocks AND I stepped on a sea urchin. So I struggle back to the beach to see one heck’va welt on my side, a good cut on the calf of my leg, and pieces of black sea urchin spines in my foot!!! Not a good day at the beach. We stayed for a few more hours trying to get just enough sun but not too much (I felt a little burnt Saturday night). We threw some Frisbee and I think people were paranoid the whole time that we would hit them, but we didn’t. Come on people! We’re professionals! Can’t you tell by our cool catches and smooooth throws! One thing we noticed was that Saturday morning is family time at the beach. There were a lot of parents with kids, and then they would go home for lunch and a lot of older kids moved in around 3:00 PM. So on Sunday we went around 4:00 PM and had a much better time. No new aches or pains and the sun was a little lower and not so inclined to burn us. We threw the Frisbee with some of my friends and even met a few new people that were pretty good throwers right off the bat. I was impressed. Last night was a pretty good concert in a town down the street. This afternoon is the Italy game and hopefully I’ll get to take them to my gym after the game if it’s open. Forza Italia!!!

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