Monday, June 05, 2006

Che peccato!!

The first Monday back and that’s when things start to fall back into place after a trip to the USA, but there is trouble right here in Brindisi provincia! The biggest problem of the moment is that “Alla Corte di Bacco” is closed. I forgot about this or chose to block it out until it happened while I was gone. Ottavio is working on a new place but somehow I thought “di Bacco” would stay open. It is a huge crime as it’s my favorite place to hang out not just because I know everyone there but I like the whole setup of the bar. A long bar on one side with plenty of tables and even a little balcony section because the ceiling is so high and of course “volta a stella”, which means arched in two directions so you get kind of a star shape in the middle of the room. The place is so good it even has endless outdoor seating because the back of it opens up to the farmers market (that’s empty at night), that’s why I can’t believe the owner is going to let it sit idle until September from the rumors I here. In the US there are too many capitalists like myself that would never let that happen. Oh well, I hear Ottavio’s new place will open soon so I’ll let you know what it’s like when I see it.
The weekend was pretty good but a little cool. We should be heading to the beach by now. I hear I missed a false start to summer two weeks ago. Everyone went to the beach while I was sweating away in the USA. I did go see Sud Sound System in Lecce last night and I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM but it was worth it and I’ll catch up on my sleep tonight.
More bad news this weekend though, the niece of Gina (the lady that cleans my place and sells me fruits and vegetables), was hit and killed by a truck as she was crossing the street. It is a terribly sad story as she was 32 and had a 5-year-old daughter. I think I may have met her once in the store but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen Gina since it happened.
On a brighter note, it looks like all the construction on the roads in town is complete. It made for one interesting day when all the streets that had changed directions were changed back to their normal state. I hope it stays like that.
Also on the brightest note it appears that my contract here will be extended another 2 years!! Most of you already know. I haven’t signed anything but my host company is happy and we are starting to get work done so there is no reason to change what’s working. It would throw a big wrench in the system if someone new were to come in now. Also hanging out with Marco and friends has made for some of the best times here. I’m doing things that I wish I were doing 2 years ago when I got here. I have to thank Nello for that. Getting that cat has kept me in town more and so I’m around to hang out with friends on the weekend. You can’t make friends if you’re not around.
Enough for now…

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