Monday, June 19, 2006

No one is out yet!!!

So the soccer world is crazy right now. Italy and the US tied on Saturday, which makes the group wide open. Right now whoever wins their game on Thursday goes through. Italy has the lead in points so they have the added advantage that if Italy ties the Czech Republic then they still go through. But if Italy and the USA both win then they both go thru to the next round. That would really amazing. So everything is waiting until Thursday when the USA and Italy both play at 16:00 so I’ll call in "sick" to work that day (but I can’t watch the USA game). Hopefully the next day I’ll be “sick” too…
I didn’t do much this weekend. It was very hot and I felt really lazy. I should have gone out to the beach but I’m not really in any hurry. I know there will be plenty of chances to go and the water is probably really cold. I’ve headed out early in the season before and the water was too cold to stay in and beach was an inferno. In the end I was burned out on the beach by mid-August last year. This year in August I would like to head to Northern Europe to escape the heat and beaches for a while. I think by then I will want some cool air and see some places I’ve never seen before like in Scandinavia or Russia. We’ll see. It’ll depend on work and Nello. It may be impossible to find someone to watch him if everyone’s on vacation at the same time.

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