Thursday, December 06, 2007

Some Christmas and news

I need some Christmas stuff in the blog!! How about a photo or two. This is photo of my house back in the US when I would decorate it. I haven't put up the lights on my balcony here in Brindisi yet. I assume this weekend everyone in my building will and then I will too.

Below is my parents tree from a year or two ago. See with the new portable hard drive I have all my photos ALL the time.

This week has been pretty routine except for a few things. Monday morning I almost fell out of my chair at work laughing. My mom sent out an email about Christmas and at the end she reminded use to forward anything we wanted from Santa to her. My sister replyed back.

Dear Santa,
Tell your reindeer to quit eatin’ my garden or I’m going to shoot the sonsabitches

Maybe you have to know my sister to understand how funny that is. Anyway it really made my Monday morning. Also on Monday Greenpeace was at work again and painted climate killer and stop coal on some of the ships that were off loading coal at the Cerano plant they attacked this weekend. I don’t think this made into the news except around here.
Tuesday was the start of the windy days. It’s been howling windy for three days now. In fact on Tuesday we had a “Tromba d’aria” or tornado. I could look out the window at work and see a perfectly formed funnel cloud. There was no warnings or panic like there would be in the Midwest. Davide and I have discussed this before. They just don’t have the power here that they have in Tornado Alley in the US. We're on a peninsula surrounded by sea that tends to equalize out the temperature. So Tuesday had just enough wind and a difference in temperature to make a tornado but not enough to fuel it to destructive levels. As far as I know no one around here has an experience with a real destructive level tornado.
Tuesday also started our current string of days with cornetti. Somebody has brought in cornetti, Pasticciotto, and graffie (doughnuts) everyday since Tuesday. In fact Tuesday we had two people bring in these treats. It seems that this is the time of year when the Italian company announces promotions and raises. If you move up a level at work or get a raise then it’s assumed you’ll bring something for everyone. I guess I’m starting to put on those Christmas pounds.
Tomorrow is the day we in Brindisi eat puccia. Let’s hope there isn’t a repeat of my incident last year.


Roam2Rome said...

Wow that's a beautiful Christmas tree you had at home! Colorful! As you know, mine!

Ah, Greenpeace! I love their passion! I'm all for what they stand for, but their protests rub people the wrong way I noticed... today I actually spent the morning watching their Esperanza ship in Japan waters chasing whaling boats and it was a bit of an adrenaline rush what they do! Such passion! invited me out to dinner...

Guess where? a Japanese restaurant to eat sushi... Darn! I had Greenpeace on my mind with every bite... Good sushi by the way! ;)

Jeff Gromen said...

Thanks and in 2 weeks I'll be there. :)
Greenpeace works because of their passion. I'm glad they do what they do. I may see it as being over the top sometimes but it does work to remind us what's going on. I would like to think that a Sushi restaurant in SF would be getting their fish from the right places.


Gil said...

My neighbor claims that he can taste the herbs from my wife's herb garden in the deer he shot behind my house!!!