Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stereotypes and Lecce

I need to do an update while I can. Whoever says that southern Italians are lazy is just making a stupid stereotype. I thought this week would be really slow at work but that hasn’t been case. We’re still plugging away and getting as much done as possible. I think in the US I saw more of a ramp down of work when a long holiday approaches. Along with this point I would like to point out my friend Marco Russo. He’s commented on the blog several times. He has a full time job here with the Italian company and he has another job in a store. When he’s working 2nd shift here (2:00 PM to 10:00 PM) then he works in the store in the morning. On those days he’ll put in over 10 hours easy. Then just last night my neighbor had a problem with the Christmas lights I put up. They weren’t working so I went over to find the problem light, which I did because I'm handy like that. While I was there she was working on the computer and talking to her boss on the phone. It just seems like I know a lot of people that are hard working. Most of the people that have their own small business are working 6 days a week. When I first arrived I tried to go out with a waitress in one of the bars. It just didn’t work because she worked 6 nights a week from 7:30 in the evening until they closed, which on some nights it wasn’t until 3:00 AM. Anyway I guess I’m just trying to make a case against stereotypes. Enough preaching.
Tonight I’m going to Lecce for second time this week. I went Tuesday after work to get the special Olive oil from Olio Claudio. My family and friends have grown attached to their oil, but if I’m such a good customer then why I didn’t know they were closed on Tuesdays? UGHH. I never even imagined that Tuesday would be closing day. I drove down thinking the day they are closed must be Monday or Thursday. That’s much more normal but nooooo I was wrong. Then I called a friend who lives in Lecce to see what he was up to and he was still at work here in Brindisi, which again reflects the point I made above. At this point I’m really regretting this trip to Lecce. I thought maybe I’ll get some photos of big nativity scene in Lecce. Every year they make a big life-sized scene in the remains of a Roman theater in Piazza Sant’Oronzo. And also every year it’s a little different. When I arrived at the theater I found that I forgot to put my memory card back in the camera. AAHHH. I was going to get something out of this trip so I walked all the way back to the car (luckily I had a spare card in my computer bag for work) and then back to get these photos below.

The Whole Scene for 2007! There's orange and olive trees down there. Keep in mind usually it's as bare as parking lot down there. Everything you see has been added just for Christmas.

Close up of the Manger part. Notice that the baby Jesus isn't there yet.

This is what they had two years ago.


marco russo said...

..."southern Italians are lazy"...when someone says that we are can say that we live the life in easy mode...without any problems...this is the recipe for a good life...besides nature was been good with us, because we have lu mari...also if now it's very cold for change matter...see you at 2:00 pm...ciao jeffo...

Lori and Kent said...

Ciao Marco! i agree with you. It's the good life in Southern Italy. If only we could all be so lucky.

Jeffo, thanks for going back to the car to get your memory card to take those pictures. A lot of work went in to setting up the scene. The Lecce nativity is far superior to the nativity scene at Krohn Conservatory. (which is the same every year!)

See you in 2 days!

Ms. Violetta said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. The pictures are always top notch too.
All of my Italian friends work at least two jobs. Or they are always staying late at work. I consider myself lazy after talking to them. I work only a mere 35 hour week in Canada!!

Jeff Gromen said...

Ci vediamo stasera!!!

Ci vediamo domani sera!!!!!

Ms. violetta,
Only 35 hours! Just kidding. It all depends on the situation. I'm glad you like the blog but still feel I ramble on too much. I need to "spruce" things up in 2008


Maryann said...

Hi Jeff. I'm so happy you had another card in the car! I love these photos and really appreciate you posting them. Yes, our tradition is always to leave Jesus out of the crib until christmas. Merry Christmas, Jeff :)