Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got a tree today and I'm so bubbling with Christmas spirit I had to post again today. It was a complete surprise because as I was coming in the building after work I saw my neighbor putting her tree up. I knocked on her door to applaud her holiday spirit and more importantly to make fun of her because she still doesn't have the required white lights on her balcony. I'm pretty sure from the looks of it that you are only allowed to have white lights in my building. To this joke I was greeted by two strings of white lights and spent the next half an hour zip tying them to her balcony. She was impressed (but not surprised) that I had a stash of zip tyes that were perfect for the occasion. We were talking as I worked and naturally I started to whine about how I didn't have a tree. She immediately offered her old little one. So now I have the display you see in the photo. The tree is only about 1.5 feet tall but it's the spirit that counts. Do you see the little clay manager scene under the tree? And I have Santa. I need to get some ornaments or I could use cat toys because I have feeling that's what anything I put on that tree will become!


Roam2Rome said...

Aha! a Christmas tree comes to Jeff's place, too! Hehe... cat toys work! why not?

You have a stash of zip ties?
See! That's what you get for teasing! You had to work! Ah, but it sounds like all good fun... The holiday spirit is very contagious, isn't it?

sognatrice said...

OK, took me a few seconds to realize what zip ties even are, but now I get it, and wow. That's impressive to have a stash!

Your display is just lovely, but best of all? The tree is cat size! Purrfect! Hah!

Jeff Gromen said...

The holiday spirit is contagious and now I'm really ready for this weekend. It's almost cold enough to snow today!

I tried getting a photo with one of cats in the picture but they wouldn't cooperate. Just think what MacGuyver (sp?) could have done with gum wrappers, duct tape, and zip ties!!!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Love the Christmas spirit! I put up a tree this year too, and we have a nativity scene for the first time as well.

Jeff Gromen said...

Did you get one of those 200 euro hand made big nativity scenes with people and lights and a working fountain and...