Friday, December 07, 2007

Gianna e i Rinoplastici

Last night "Gianna e i Rinoplastici" (Gianna and the Nosejobs) rocked the Big Ben. This is the Rino Geatano Tribute band I told you about last month. The photo above is the lead singer getting into it. The guy in the back, you only see his head, is key to the band as he also plays the accordion for some of the songs. Last night he put his keyboard on some crazy steel drums setting for the song "Ahi Maria" to give it a more "Latino flavor".

Below is the bass and drums part of the band. The drummer is Marielena's brother so she always lets up know when they are playing. She probably has some good photos over on her Flickr page.

What's a band without fans? Nothing! And this band is lucky to have the best fans in Brindisi.

This last picture is left over from November and NaBloPoMo. I was trying some wines back then and therefore it was a bad month for wine glasses in my apartment. One was broken in the usual way, while washing it! This second one however broke spectacularly. I saw Nello and Mara playing while I was eating and I decided I would try to scare them when they weren't looking. I started to get up when I barely touched the glass and it glently fell over. It didn't break then so it casually rolled towards the opposite edge of the table. I lunged over the table to try to stop it and got their just in time to catch nothing but air. The glass fell on to the cold hard tile floor. Needless to say the cats were sufficiently scared at the end of this commotion and the following string of curse words. I hope Santa wasn't listening.


Lori said...

Did you get your pucci this year?

Giusi said...

They look like a group I would like. Are they good?

If you come here you're getting your wine in the free glasses from the bar.

Roam2Rome said...

Ciao Mr butterfingers!

There's Gianna! Their song is quite catchy ;)

Ah, I see I'm not the only one who likes to sneak up behind people and scare them, isn't it fun?

It works best if your roommate steps outside her room in the middle of the night and you quietly sneak in to a dark corner and wait... night... dark... unexpecting.... BOOOOOO!

Jeff Gromen said...

Yes, I got a puccia but I had to work for it. Work was pazzo on Friday and it'll be a good story to tell Dad this Christmas. So I didn't eat with my friends. Instead after work I bought the ingredients to make my own from Mino. I'll just say it's an acquired taste that I haven't acquired!:)

If you like Rino then you'll love them. That's strange because now that you mention it, I've never broken a glass in a bar or restaurant. Only my own glasses!!!

He even where's the top hat like Rino himself.
Absolutely it's fun. The cats are even more fun because they think that they are such great hunters but I can scare them into jumping straight up all the time.