Friday, March 31, 2006

The New Conspiracy Theory and others...

Well no one responded to my last blog. So I’m going to write about what I feel like writing about, again…
I think the Chinese really know what they are doing, more than people think. I don’t think my friends in America see enough about China in the news. There are many stores here in Brindisi and throughout Europe that have Chinese goods. Big deal you say, but in these stores there are only Chinese people working. They have the whole loop in their control. It would be like the US sending Americans over to work every McDonalds around the world. The money would all stay in Americans hands. They may not be the best jobs but think of the numbers. Then there is the Chinese Channel I mentioned in the earlier blog. This is new on my TV and funny thing is that it’s 90% in English. I watched some of it and it’s mainly Chinese propaganda. Things like, “The children of China are working throughout the world for the betterment of the Mother Country”. I even watched it long enough to learn some Chinese like “gou ran” which means “hard to”. It would be gou ran believe that I could learn Chinese while being in Italy. Also you should have seen in the news that Russia is building TWO natural gas pipelines directly to China and they are going to start working on a third for oil. I’m afraid America’s days as THE economic force is numbered. I also heard in the news that for the first time since 1934 Americans borrowed more than they earned. Hopefully the raise in interest rates will help some people to see the value in saving.
The other topic is the traffic lately. They closed my street just down the road from my place. Now the road was in terrible shape so it needs the work. I was a little worried how I would get to work. Turns out they fixed this for me. They changed one of the one-way streets nearby to the opposite direction. Now this is odd because I remember when I first moved here that this particular street had markings that made it look like it was one way the opposite direction. It always scared me to turn on to it because I thought I was going the wrong way. Soooo with this change I think this road has changed directions twice in about the last 3 years alone. It looks “permanent” because they have changed all the signs so they are facing the other way and they added a traffic light. Now I know why people drive the wrong way on streets and why maps don’t tell you if a road is one way. They have had police directing the traffic every morning this week just to reassure people they are going the right way.
The other topic I mentioned was, chef leaving South Park, which is a real shame. Isaac Hayes was ok with making fun of every other religion and every other race on the planet but not Scientology.
Also I mentioned the US was crushed by Germany but I have since learned that most of the US’s good players were playing with their club teams the other day. I was wondering why I didn’t know anyone on the team except for Keller the goalie. So our hopes are still alive.That’s all I have for now.

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