Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Permits, yeah for paperwork!!

I mentioned just two weeks ago how upset I was with the Italian paperwork system. I’m still upset but today I have my renewed permesso di soggiorno. What paperwork did I fill out? What has changed? Nothing. My friend talked to his friend and now I have the permesso. It turns out that he has this discussion every time with the Questura. They can’t seem to grasp that I am still working for my American company. I do not work for the Italian company here; therefore there is no contract between them and me, personally. The contract is between the companies and somehow that makes things better, for me at least. Their company pays my company and my company sent me. Therefore my company is still responsible for me in all matters. I think the difference is paying taxes, health insurance all that stuff. The contract is between companies so the government knows to ask my American company about taxes, etc. If the contract was between me and an Italian company then the government would be all over me and the Italian company to make sure I pay taxes and etc. So all is good for the last 6 months that I’m supposed to be here. I believe I’ll be here longer but I don’t know how long, so please don’t ask. I’m getting so sick of that question….
Oh, by the way, I went to the Questura and took a ticket number (A055) and the sign said they were on A017. They were on A021 when I left about an hour later. Also the office was due to close in 30 minutes AND 3 people came in after me and left before me, so much for taking a number. You have to have a “friend” or hire a very beautiful woman to go with you to the Questura. It’s that simple.Also about the Zeppole, at least one Giuseppe brought in Zeppole to work on Monday. So I had a total of 4 of them, 2 baked and 2 fried.

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