Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When TV is fun....

What a night for TV, last night. It was a rainy and cold night (cold for here) so I sat down to watch some TV before dinner. I watched my favorite game show “L’eredita” (Inheritance) and you can imagine my surprise when someone I work with and that I played soccer with is staring back at me. Fabio was on the show. I almost fell out of the chair. The program starts with 6 contests all with 10,000 euro and every round one is eliminated by asking questions (one round true and false, other multiple choices etc) and one of the remaining contests inherits the 10,000 euro of the person they eliminate. So I’m cheering him on and they get to the round “Scossa” (the jolt) where they go from 3 to 2. Unfortunately he was eliminated in this round and won nothing, well maybe “a play at home” version of the game. This is probably the reason he didn’t advertise that he was on the program and I know at least two people emailed him about the question he missed this morning. It was something about animals that are mentioned in the Bible. I could never make it on an Italian game show, too many questions about the Bible.The other fun thing on TV was THE BIG DEBATE. Berlusconi vs. Prodi in their first of 2 TV debates before the election. I knew it would be entertaining for me, well for a while. I noticed they were sitting down at desks probably because Berlusconi is much shorter. Other than that it was pretty similar to an American debate. There were time limits on the questions and answers but they kept going over their allotted time. Then there were differences like they seemed to go back and forth several times on the same question. It was like there was a rebuttal for a rebuttal; I was saying, “Move on”! Berlusconi would keep saying Italy is better off now than 5 years ago. Prodi kept pointing out mistakes that were made. In the end the papers declared Prodi the winner of the debate. I can’t believe it but Bush’s friend Berlusconi may not get re-elected. Did I mention in Italy election day is actually 2 days, Sunday and Monday?

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