Monday, March 06, 2006

Rain, Rain, e piu pioggia

Well it’s raining again this morning. Somehow we managed a great dry weekend in March. It’s good and bad. People are already saying that this rain should make for another good year of wine in the area. Last year was also a good year because of a wet spring. It was so good in fact I remember reading that farmers didn’t harvest some of their grapes because it wasn’t worth making into wine. The market was flooded with wine… ok perhaps not one of my best attempts at humor recently.
I feel I should take the photo of me with the cow hat down. Looking back I do look pretty stupid in it. It didn’t seem like a bad idea when everyone was doing it! Anyway Nello loves to attack the hat so at least I have a new toy for him. I had another HUGE Italian Sunday lunch. It’s now Monday afternoon and I haven’t had anything to eat since that meal yesterday. We went out to Antonella’s family home in the country. I went out early with Marco and Antonella so I was able to help them set up for when everyone else arrived. We threw the disc around before eating and Paolo showed an amazing ability to throw the Frisbee from the start. I’ll need him if I am going to start an Ultimate team here. If I can get “tall Marco” we already have the seeds for a good team. I also learned a new card game after the meal, Burraco. It’s hard to explain but not that hard to play. Federica and I beat Valiero and Paolo in my first full game. I don’t count the first game, which was one-on-one with Valiero, because there was one rule I didn’t understand and I had to learn the hard way. Although, in that game I wasn’t getting the cards so I probably would have lost anyway. So I had a pretty typical weekend. Saturday I did errands and managed to get some bills paid and shopping done and then Sunday was nothing but relaxing, talking, eating, and playing some cards.

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