Thursday, October 25, 2007

Night photos

I've decided to get a decent tripod. These photos are from Tuesday night in Martina Franca. I always think I can find a way to brace the camera and get the picture but now my common sense is coming into play. I have a good digital SLR so I should carry a tripod if I really want to get good night photos. Also, if that's not enough then I should look at how I got my coat dirty bracing myself against a wall to get this one below. Any good advice on tripods is appreciated.
By the way. For my mom. The pigeon has flown the coop. Repeat the Pigeon HAS Flown the COOP.


Italy Logue said...

I have a Manfrotto, which I adore, and which has the added benefit of being an Italian brand. It's big, so I never travel with it, but it's absolutely amazing. I can even invert the head and attach the camera upside-down underneath the legs to photograph something low on the ground. Oh, and one important thing to look for is a tripod that will allow you to move each leg independently - that way if you're on uneven ground you can make one shorter or longer depending on what you need to get a level shot. Happy shopping! (I like the top shot, of the doorway, by the way!)

Jeff Gromen said...

Italy logue,
Thanks. I see that there is a shop in Lecce that sells that brand and Gitzo, which is another brand recommeded to me.