Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MY verdicts are here!

My review of Marco’s playing? Well, I kinda missed it. When I arrived he was already done playing. But hey I wasn’t the only one surprised by the early start. Mr. Browns is in a building surrounded by people trying to sleep so they had to start the music “on time” which should be translated as “very early”. I mean if they say the music starts at 22:00 nobody really expects the music to start then, but in this case it did. So we can add this to the list of reasons I don’t like Mr. Browns for music. Other weekend updates. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup Saturday night and I was able to see the game at Goblins Pub (Thanks to Francesco, we kicked the Inter fans out). Kimi won the Formula 1 Championship on Sunday. My theory that it’s all rigged was confirmed when Lewis Hamilton had some strange problem shifting gears and ended up in 7th place, which gave Kimi the win by one point. How convenient and Amanda shares my views so it’s not just me. And last but not least, I didn’t go to the Olive sagra as the weather didn’t cooperate. In related news, the heat came on for the first time in my apartment this year. Meanwhile my mom calls and tells me that in Cincinnati it was going up to 82F Sunday. Son of a ….. Still, wait until January! I’ll have my revenge then!
There is good news from this weekend. Another “Music Pub” is about to open THIS THURSDAY. It WILL be a good place for music! I’m excited and a little cautious about it though. You see Ottavio has been saying this new pub of his is going to open for about two years now. Last week he gave me a date for the first time, it was October 25 and I jokingly thought to myself, “he didn’t say what year!” He showed me the plans for this bar probably 3 years ago when he was running the Thomas Inn. This new place will be long and skinny with the band stage at one end. Therefore everyone in the place should be able to see the band. This will make it the only small indoor venue that is set up for music. So many of the pubs have music but they are strange shapes that don’t work if you are trying to have a concert. Most have tables two feet from the band or the stage is right next to the door so you can’t get in. As a bonus he’s also going to have free wifi inside. So this will be the first place in Brindisi to offer free wifi (besides one of the hotels, but I can’t use that free wifi spot). He even mentioned that there are two acts touring Italy from the US that will play at his place this winter. Otavio is a big fan of Jazz and Blues (and plays the trumpet himself) so I’m interested to see whom he gets. Most places around here will get whomever they can to play but I think Ottavio will work harder to get better musicians. Plus he seems to know people in the business from his playing days.
Other news. Maria elena showed me her photos that are now online at Flickr. Once again I’m reminded how boring my photos are. Take a look at her photos here to see more interesting and artistic shots around Brindisi.
Her picture of a soap bubble alone is worth look over there. It’s amazing and I’m jealous because I would never think to take a photo like that. But the photo for today is one I took of her about this time last year on Andrea’s Harley.


sognatrice said...

Well I think your photo is fabulous--now I'll have to check our Maria Elena's too....

Anonymous said...


Nice photo of Maria Elena on the Harley.

ps Cleveland Rocks!


Jeff Gromen said...

I loved how that photo came out but I could never find the reason to use it until now.

You would say that. Cleveland is OK.


Rob said...

Well it does sound like things are improving for the music scene there by you.

The pic is great by the way!

Glad someone in Italy was watching the World Cup Final. Was a nail biting game to watch (at least as a South African it was) but am glad we got it in the end... Not many Irish pubs were showing the game either (preference being given to football) but a few city centre pubs were taken over by South Africans for the night...

The fast runner in the team (in reference to your earlier post) is Bryan Habana. You can see him racing a cheetah (for charity) on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_iAQXyDJns

Jeff Gromen said...

Yeah is was hard as I wanted the game to be more open running but I knew England would keep it tough and inside.
It was Bryan Habana that I was writing about. He is fast but he didn't get a good chance to show it the finals.