Friday, October 26, 2007

Frigo part 2

So R2R wants to know what’s in the fridge. That’s a little scary when you mention that it’s a window into your soul so let’s see what I have in my soul….(quite fitting this close to Halloween and All Saints Day).
The top shelf is a bottle of white wine chilling nicely, Fanta, and coffee. I’ll admit it, that’s not Illy coffee in that can. I’m just using the nice can the Illy people give you. It’s really Moka, the cheap stuff. I swear the middle shelf was like that before the photo and I’m not sure why I didn’t put this fruit in the fruit drawer. I’m usually kinda of anal about that. It has a special drawer for fruit, dammit. I have a peroche (cross of peach and something else), 1 pear, 2 Chinese oranges (think that’s what they are called), and 2 mandarins. In the cheese drawer just below them, you can’t see it, but there is grated Parmesan. The next shelf down we have: a half empty jar of Old El Paso Salsa Mejecan, half empty jar of Barilla sauce (Tuna flavor, hey I didn’t feel like cooking after the gym yesterday), beer, and leftover Pizza. In my drawers you have one potato and one onion in the vegetable side and 1 lemon and grapes on the fruit side. The meat drawer below is currently empty except for garlic. A little old lady told me that’s the best place to keep garlic and it does seem to keep well down there. On the door we have 6 eggs, some butter, 3 bottles of Aperol soda (which I hate so they will be there adding color to my fridge until someone else drinks them) and some orange juice.
That’s exactly how my fridge was when I got home yesterday. I thought about shopping to make it look better and more interesting but I have a more interesting shot of my frigo back here… That was in May of last year. Amazing the difference. Si?
I'm not going to tag anyone for reasons I've mentioned in the past. I love doing these but not tagging people. However, I would love to see what Lori and Kent have. I'm sure it's full of crazy stuff!


Anthony and Lisa said...

I grew up in Puglia and loved seeing your blog - an under-rated region in my biased opinion! Love the pictures!

Roam2Rome said...

Gee, I guess I really did make it sound scary once you put it that way!
Hehe... that's so funny!

Great job! Now I see that I cheated on my MeMe :) Hmmm...

There's Old Paso Salsa Messicana?? Wow, I guess I wont be sooo homesick for food after all!

Jeff Gromen said...

A and L,
I think it's going to stay that way. Articles are written about the next Tuscany but Puglia doesn't have something BIG to see. I have to say I prefer it like that.

Of course they have old El Paso. It's not a THIRD WORLD like everyone says. Everything you could want is here.


amanda said...

Are you sure you're eating enough? I'm a bit worried about you now, that fridge looks a little empty to me. I checked out your old fridge post and it was much better looking, particularly the citrus drawer. Now that I really like.

Jeff Gromen said...

No worries. It's so empty because I just don't store anything. I buy it after work and eat it that night. Nothing sits around too long. Except for the salsa as I forgot it was in there. I get a good lunch at work so dinner is "whatever".
Also I usually buy a lot on Saturday when I have time to walk down to the farmer's market.