Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I’m a bit confused about tonight. I’m going to a little festa in a neighboring town with a beautiful young woman, just the two of us. However I have the made a classic mistake, I’m not clear if this is a date or just two friends hanging out together. If it were the States I would be pretty sure that it was just two friends hanging out together but since this is Italy I tend to think it’s actual date, but I could be wrong. The situation is we are “friends in passing” short discussions, nothing much. We don’t hang out together, normally. Just before Christmas she mentioned that she broke up with a long time boyfriend. I ran into her the other day and asked if she wanted to go to this celebration (why, because I would like to date her). She said yes but in a matter of fact sort of way. So I would like this to be a date but I also don’t want to get my hopes up. I also don’t like putting this sort of thing in writing on my blog so don’t be surprised if this is gone tomorrow! Either way I will blog about the celebration at the nearby town. They are burning a 60 ft tall stack of wood to celebrate their town saint!!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao Jeff! Well, if this post is gone tomorrow I'll consider it a collector's item and I got in early enough. :-) Funny thing, I had the opposite happen to me when I first came here. When the man I am now engaged to (wedding in March after 6 yrs. together!) first asked me out to dinner, I was CONVINCED it would be just as friends b/c I had been led to believe that Italians always go out in groups, even though I wanted it to be a date. But it ended up it was just us, so, a real "appuntamento" and it went great.

I don't know much about Italian women and their dating quirks but I wish you the best of luck...have fun!

Delina said...

Yeah, just have fun, ke sarà sarà and all that.

That's a lot of wood to be burning! Don't wear anything flammable - like hairspray or the likes. ahaha

J.Doe said...

I hope you have a good time if it's a date or just 2 friends hanging out.

marco russo said...

jeff...who is this girl?

KENT said...

Jeffo - you old tiger you. Women in the states eat up that shy shit. You'r not foolin me buddy.

Seriously....I hope that you had fun. And I'm with MARCO - who is this girl?

CIAO con Amore!


Anonymous said...

You should know who it was by now, as I saw Andrea and Viviana and Teddy and Alassandra in Novoli!

Also, we were just friends hanging and I had a great time.