Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stormy Weather!

So, as promised, I stayed home with the kids last night. What a good night to stay home. The wind picked up something fierce. The windows and doors were rattling, there were trash tornadoes on the streets, and I had no reason to go out, so I didn’t. The rain threatened all day but didn’t deliver until about midnight. Then we got everything lightening, thunder, even stronger winds and buckets of rain. Reminded me a little of the good ol’ Midwest in the spring!
So what did the kids and I do? Mara has taken up Nello’s old job of watching me eat but as you can see from the photo she’s not quite tall enough yet and Nello has taken up laying on anything that he can’t normally lay on during the day. It's a good thing my laptop isn't in there. Nello's getting big.Honestly, Nello is so hairy in the winter that he doesn’t need something soft to lay on! This spring and summer is going to bad when they both start shedding all that extra hair. Also I pulled some old CDs and put them on while I did some cleaning. Look at that nice clean bathroom!


Delina said...

Very sweet. Mara looks very cute on the chair - don't let Nello read that.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep Nello away from the computer but Mara does like to follow the cursor on the screen so she probably read your comment. I think she said "thanks" or "I'm hungry". One of those two...


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Your gatti are adorable. I have two that I adopted from the shelter here at Largo Argentina in the Roman ruins. My cats are ridiculously fat. Yours look like they are good shape. Their Roman cousins are jealous of them being so "in forma."

Jeff Gromen said...

My cats are still very young and full of energy so things may change in the near future. I need to get them on video again as their wrestling has changed to chasing each other all over the place.