Monday, January 22, 2007

Eating out all weekend!

I don’t usually like to be in my blog but this is the only photo I have from this weekend. The weather was incredibly nice but in the photo you don’t seem to get a sense for just how warm the sun felt, maybe too much “fill” flash. So lets do a rundown of the weekend. It involved eating out most of the weekend.
Friday night I had dinner again with Isreale and Beth the “other Americans in Brindisi”. We tried a new restaurant in town and it’s pretty good but a little expensive. I had a primi (pasta dish) that was very good. I noticed that the seafood taste didn’t dominate the sauce. I felt like it was a very well balanced taste so maybe it was worth the price after all. After that we each had our own whole fish. I’m getting better at cleaning a whole fish and I really should bring a camera so I can keep a better record of what fish I had and where. Maybe we could start reviewing all the restaurants in town? After that it was off to Goblins to see what live music was on tap. It was a nice Jazz quartet that is probably the best jazz band in Brindisi. Jazz isn’t that popular in Brindisi so the place was pretty desserted.
Saturday I did a little shopping but not much because I knew I didn’t need to make dinner for myself. Saturday night I went over a friend’s house for dinner. It was very good homemade cooking but I felt bad because I didn’t bring anything. I thought we were just going to order some pizzas and beer. No, it was a real sit down dinner that was carefully planned and well made and for no special reason. It wasn’t somebody’s birthday or a new job, nothing, except a dinner with friends. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Then on Sunday I went to a coworker’s house where he was out to impress me with big steaks on the grill, hence the photo. It was the most meat I’ve had in a while and they were the best steaks I’ve had in Italy. They really seemed to melt in your mouth. It’s hard to get a good steak here, but they make up for it with ALL the other food. So there I was with a big steak grilling away, while I’m hanging out in a t-shirt and teaching more Italians how to throw a Frisbee. What more could I ask for? All this in January no less, but we are being told that winter will arrive here today or tomorrow. Looking outside right now it’s cloudy and so we may finally have some needed rain. I don’t mind as I could use a night in to clean up the apartment. Also I’m sure the cats feel neglected, at least Nello does.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Awesome pic, Jeff! Love the shirt. I usually don't put pics of myself up either, but I too made the leap to self-promote mine and Sara's "World Nutella Day". We're silly!
Hey, has anyone told you that you look like that guy from Le Iene? It's a compliment!!

Jeff Gromen said...

No, I don't think any one has compared me to him. He's the same guy on Camera Cafe, isn't he? When's that show coming back? I love that shirt too and on this occasion it was so perfect.
World Nutella Day, that's pretty big. I've always wanted a chocolate fountain. Maybe I could make a Nutella fountain....


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Nu-tel-la-Foun-tain Nu-tel-la-Foun-tain!!

(This is me chanting...)

We hope you participate!!!