Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ice Cream

While back in my hometown for the holidays I naturally thought about Italy and gelato. This led my parents to think back to a little place in Cincinnati. Established in 1908 Aglamesis Brothers could be considered a historic landmark (getting close to 100 years!). My parents talk about this place, as I’m sure I’ll talk about the places in Italy some day... meeting up with friends, going there on some special day and, of course, good ice cream. All this set me into motion and being the purest I am I couldn’t put it on my website without going there and tasting it for myself. I had the double chocolate chip pictured here and it definitely makes the grade. You can see from the interior photo that store holds on to that nostalgic charm you would want in a true ice cream parlor (not a chain!). I didn’t notice until now that there standard ice cream is labeled as "French style" and they have Italian ice or sorbet. I guess I have to go back and try that. Although… the website says they deliver, but I’m pretty sure it won’t make it to Italy.

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