Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend I didn’t do much but it was still a good weekend. No traveling to exotic cities or countries but ho visto Star Wars Episodio III: La Venditta di Sith. I say it that way because it was in Italian. It was difficult to understand but I knew enough of the story that it was easy to know what was going on. My biggest problem with the Italian version was when they changed the name of Darth Vader to “Darth Fenner”. I’m sorry but Fenner just doesn’t have the fear factor of “Vader”. Don’t get me started about Yoda. His Italian voice has no character to it. Anyway that was the highlight of my weekend. Part of the fun of the movie was when I found this “American Bar” attached to the movie complex in a nearby town. It was a like an American sports bar so I thought I would have a small Miller GD while waiting for the movie. The beer was positively awful. I don’t know if my taste in beer has changed of if their beer was just off. I guess I won’t know until I come home and try some there. I did some other not so interesting things like go to the beach, buy some new Italian clothes, and such.
Summer Fashion UpdateI think I have seen “the style” for men’s t-shirts this summer. It’s anything that has the word “Datch” on it. Last year it was anything with Brasil or San Paulo (usually green and yellow). I noticed this after I bought what I thought was a cool green and yellow t-shirt with random writing on it this year. I’ve always been amazed at what I see people wearing. Their t-shirt could say Cincinnati Reds but carry no logo that looks like the baseball team and be orange and blue or some other odd colors. There is also a growing number of t-shirts that say “Who the f*** is Dolce & Gabbana?” and they don’t use asterisks. That’s this week in fashion.

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