Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer Vacation???!!!!

No! There will be no summer vacation for me. It seems there is good news and bad news today. The good news is my boss and the Italian bosses reached an agreement on some issues that have slowed the work I was doing down. The bad news is that means I’m should be busy for the next few months so there will be no summer vacation for me. Last year in August the plant closed for 2 weeks. I spent one week in Corfu and the other in Sardinia. Both were great trips but nothing like that this year. I had thought that I would be back in Indianapolis but not now.
The more I think about though the better this is. There are many good sides to this, like my plants and my Italian will benefit if I stay here. Also this should make it easier to get time off later in the year when people come to visit me and when I go home for my cousin’s wedding. I saw that there’s going to be big pizzica, pizzica (a local dance) festival in August. August is full of stuff like that because everyone is on vacation and it’s too hot to be inside. All this good stuff but I still would have liked to get back to the States to see friends and family but I guess that will have to wait until November now. September I have friends coming to visit but October is still available on a first come first served basis!! This weekend I’m heading to Rome. Play and little Ultimate and maybe I’ll go to the “Live 8” concert. I guess you’re not going to have any sympathy for me when I say things like this. No summer vacation…well boo hoo hoo for the guy going to Rome for the weekend. OOHHH Maybe I can finally see Star Wars in English….

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