Thursday, June 23, 2005


Here’s one for the record book. I’ve had two parking tickets since I moved here but now I have to add my first speeding ticket. This is how it went down. I received a fax from my lease car company and it seems that on September 4, 2004 I was doing the horrible speed of 96 km/hr (59 mph) in a 90 km/hr (55 mph). What a frickin joke!!! A speed camera caught me and yes it took almost a year for the ticket to get from the police to the lease car company to me. The lease car company automatically pays the ticket and then I pay them with a little more added in for the trouble. I’m a little upset. I find it incredible with the speeds people DO HERE ALL THE TIME. But if you look at when and where this happened then it all makes sense. Evidently this little speed trap is designed to get foreigners and someone should have warned me about it. Well now they have!!! Thanks guys… It’s on the road between Lecce and Gallipoli because you see there is a great beach near Gallipoli and the superstrada ends in Lecce. So they set this camera up every summer to catch out of towners (including Northern Italians) going to the beach and I imagine it’s pretty effective especially if they send you a ticket for going 4 mph over the speed limit. So the bottom line is people can go twice the speed limit down the street that I live on and almost kill little old ladies crossing the street but I can’t go 4 mph over the speed limit on 4 lane divided highway. Now I have to pay the lease car company 58.51 euro for this stupid ticket with 33.61 for the actual ticket but then there is a 12.91 postage charge and then 12 euro for the lease company. The only good thing is that it’s no points on my license because it was less than 10 km/hr over the limit. It was just like my parking tickets when the meter ran out on me. Hey, at least I park in a space instead of abandoning my car wherever I feel like it.

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