Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Amsterdam di nuovo (again)

Hey, guess what everyone. I went off to Amsterdam this weekend. Another fun filled trip to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Don’t worry this is the last time I’ll be going there for a while as Paola won’t be there much for the next few months. The weather was incredible for Holland, low 80s and not a cloud in the sky. You know this doesn’t happen much because on Saturday the parks were full to the fences with pasty white people sunbathing. So again we stayed away from going in the museums, instead we walked the streets and along the canals enjoying the weather. The thing I really noticed was the sun didn’t set until very late. Without clouds there was still light after 10:30 PM. I just checked a weather site and sunset in Amsterdam is 10:06 PM with a sunrise at 5:16 AM (…that’s why I was so tired). Also related to the weather was the incredible numbers of boats on the canals. Last time I was there it was cold and rainy and the tour boats had the canals to themselves. This time it seemed anything that could float was a boat and it was chugging down the canals. Some of them had people with food and drinks and they were just out for a cruise. All the restaurants and bars had tables outside and that’s when it hit me how much beer they drink here. Granted a lot people are tourists but living in Italy I’m just not used to walking by a restaurant and seeing a big pint of beer in front of every person at every table. In Italy it will be wine, or small glasses of beer, or even coke. That’s some of my observations on this weekend. Maybe I’ll post a picture or two or maybe not. Some of them seem the same as the last time.

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