Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Power Play

There have been some strange electrical occurrences here in Brindisi the last few days. This weekend the power went out for the whole town around 11:00 PM (I can’t remember what night). I could see from my apartment that the whole area was dark. Then yesterday during a rain storm the power went out at work. I know this affected the whole town because I came home and had an ABC (Annoying Blinking Clock). Now today the weather is perfect and the power has just gone on and off several times. None of these power outages have been for more than a few minutes and none have occurred at the same time of day so there is no pattern to this. If I wasn’t using a laptop I would be very upset at work. I haven’t lost anything but everyone else has. Also it hasn’t been a problem at work because there are plenty of windows and sunlight so it’s no big deal when the lights go out. You know I feel we should get a discount when the power goes out. We pay to have it available so when it’s not they should pay us for the inconvenience.

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